The Bulletin of Marine Science presents

Call for abstracts

All abstracts are due by 1 August, 2018. Individuals may submit more than one abstract. Presentations will be either oral or poster. You must indicate your preference on the abstract submission form.

For multi-authored abstracts, the presenting author’s name should be in ALL CAPS.

All oral presenters are encouraged to use Microsoft Powerpoint to create their presentations and to bring them to the conference on a flashdrive or CD. Please specify if you require any special audio-visual equipment beyond the laptop computer, projector, and screen that will be available.

DO NOT DOUBLE SPACE. Abstracts must be no more than 250 words (excluding authors, title, and addresses). The abstract title should be in ALL CAPS. Please do not use chemical or mathematical formulae, or Greek characters in your title. Use only English-language (ASCII) equivalents in your title. Provide a contact address for the corresponding author, including email address. All author entries must be last name followed by first name or initials.

You will receive an automated message with confirmation of your abstract submission. If you require any changes, do not submit the same abstract again, instead please contact us on how to proceed.

For questions about abstract submission, please contact the organizing committee.

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