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Conservation and Adapted Management of Seamounts and Deep-Sea Coral Ecosystems (2007) (companion volume to Bulletin of Marine Science Volume 81 no 3, 2007)
Edited by Robert Y George and Stephen D Cairns

Studies in Tropical Oceanography” Series

Published occasionally by the Bulletin of Marine Science, “Studies in Tropical Oceanography” is a book series on topics related to the tropical oceans and their flora and fauna. The complete series “Studies in Tropical Oceanography” is available for download from the University of Miami Libraries Scholarly Repository.

No. 1 Systematics and Life History of the Great Barracuda, Sphyraena barracuda (Walbaum). (1963) By Donald P de Sylva.

No. 2 Distribution and Relative Abundance of Billfishes (Istiophoridae) of the Pacific Ocean [includes Atlas]. (1965) By John K Howard and Shoji Ueyanagi.

No. 3 Index to Genera, Subgenera, and Section of the Pyrrhophyta. (1966) By Alfred P Loeblich, Jr and Alfred P Loeblich, III.

No. 4 The R/V Pillsbury Deep-Sea Biological Expedition to the Gulf of Guinea, 1964–1965. (Part 1, 1966; Part 2, 1970) By Frederick M Bayer, Gilbert L Voss, and C Richard Robins (eds.)

No. 5 Proceedings of the International Conference on Tropical Oceanography, November 17–24, 1965, Miami Beach, Florida. The Friedrich Frans Koczy Memorial Volume. (1967) By Frederick M Bayer, C P Idyll, James I Jones, F F Koczy, Arthur A Myrberg, C Richard Robins, F G Walton Smith, G L Voss, E J Ferguson Wood, and Albert C Jenses. (eds.)

No. 6 American Opisthobranch Mollusks. (1967) By Eveline Marcus and Ernst Marcus.

No. 7 The Systematics of Sympatric Species in West Indian Spatangoids: A Revision of the Genera Brissopsis, Plethotaenia, Paleaneustes, and Saviniaster. (1968) By Richard H Chesher.

No. 8 Stomatopod Crustacea of the Western Atlantic. (1969) By Raymond B Manning.

No. 9 Effects of Abatement of Domestic Sewage Pollution on the Benthos, Volumes of Zooplankton, and the Fouling Organisms of Biscayne Bay, Florida. (1970) By J Kneeland McNulty.

No. 10 Investigations on the Gray Snapper, Lutjanus griseus. (1971) By Walter A Starck, II and Robert E Schroeder.

No. 11 The Alfred C Glassell, Jr–University of Miami Argosy Expedition to Ecuador (Part 1). (1972) By Donald P de Sylva.

No. 12 Prostaglandins from Plexaura homomalla: Ecology, Utilization and Conservation of a Major Medical Marine Resource. A Symposium. (1974) By Frederick M Bayer and Alfred J Weinheimer (eds.)

No. 13 Distribution and Relative Abundance of Billfishes (Istiophoridae) of the Indian Ocean [includes Atlas]. (1975) By John K Howard and Walter A Starck, II.

No. 14 Brachiopods from the Caribbean Sea and Adjacent Waters. (1977) By G Arthur Copper.

No. 15 The Helioporaccean Octocoral Epiphaxum, Recent and Fossil: A Monographic Iconography. (1992) By Frederick M Bayer.


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