Papers published in the Bulletin of Marine Science (“the Bulletin”) are submitted by authors whose goal is to have the widest audience possible. To accomplish this goal, the Bulletin requires authors to transfer their copyright to the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, University of Miami, prior to publication of articles so that we can provide as wide a dissemination as possible in a variety of media (print, online, etc.). Authors are required to check a box during the submission process acknowledging copyright will be transferred to the Bulletin in the event their manuscript is accepted for publication.

Rights granted to the Bulletin include the exclusive right to publish and disseminate articles, and to grant rights to others, for commercial and non commercial purposes. The Bulletin also has the right to provide the article in all forms and media using available technology. The Bulletin has the authority to enforce copyright of the article on behalf of the authors in cases of copyright infringement.

For all published articles, the Bulletin of Marine Science grants permission to use figures, tables, and brief excerpts in scientific and educational works provided that the source is acknowledged and the use is non-commercial.

Any use of material in the Bulletin’s collection that is determined to be “fair use” under U.S. law (Section 107 and Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Law) does not require permission. Republication, systematic reproduction, posting in electronic form on servers, or other uses of this material, requires written permission or license from the Bulletin.

Gold Open Access articles are covered under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND license. Authors of the article are free to share, copy, and redistribute the article in any medium or format provided they give attribution (appropriate credit) to the Bulletin, the use is non-commercial, and no derivatives (modifications) result after the publication of the article. Green Open Access articles are covered under the same terms as Gold Open Access articles after their five-year embargo period ends.

For all other uses, please visit the Copyright Clearance Center.

Language Services

The Bulletin only accepts manuscripts in English. Authors have to be responsible for ensuring that their manuscript is written clearly for editors and reviewers. For the Bulletin’s non-proficient English speakers, poor language quality in a manuscript may result in publication delays, or could potentially lead to the rejection of the manuscript, even if the scientific work is deserving of publication.

Authors may want to enroll the help of a language editing company to ensure their manuscript is edited professionally before submission. The Bulletin does not endorse any company in particular, and their use has no weight on the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript for publication. Authors should make arrangements with editing services directly. The following is a list of popular companies that have been used by our contributors:

American Journal Experts
Write Science Right

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