BMS Read List
  Mollusk death assemblages from the deep slope off northwestern Cuba (Gulf of Mexico)
The NW region of Cuba is a hotspot for mollusk diversity. A team of scientists from Cuban, Mexican, and American institutions report the discovery of 7 new species, 12 new records, and 36% endemism relative to Gulf of Mexico fauna. Their research reveals a complex, diverse mix of deep, pelagic, and shelf species.
  Special issue celebrating 70 years of the Bulletin of Marine Science
We invited some of our favorite authors and editors from the last decade to contribute a manuscript to celebrate our 70th anniversary. (Logo design by Sana Lynch)
  Integrating climate change and management scenarios in population models to guide the conservation of marine turtles
Models based on demographic data predict population shifts of green turtles in the Great Barrier Reef. (Photo courtesy of Evan K D'Alessandro)
  Reef fish community structure along the southeastern US Atlantic continental shelf break and upper slope appears resistant to increasing lionfish (Pterois volitans/miles) density
In contrast to other studies done at smaller scales, in this larger-scale study authors found no fish community metrics were negatively related to lionfish density.